Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another week has passed....almost

As I beguiled myself with reading, surfing and sometimes doing absolutely nothing, another week has passed. It's already Thursday today!And I hate to think that I have not been doing anything meaningful this week...

On a positive note, I have successfully dragged myself to do some exercise for the past 2 days. Also, I tried out a new recipe yesterday, with success, much to my delight!
It's tomato salmon in foil. Maybe I am not a good photographer, that's why you can't see the salmon. But OCT and I just loved it. The salmon with tomatoes fillings were cooked in a aluminium foil envelope in the oven. The result was very juicy and tasty fish, with the dripping doubled up as soup. A healthy and delicious way to cook salmon. I will try to take better photos next time when I am baking this, not too long to wait, i believe.

Dinner or rather the night, was ended on a sweet note with a cup of Godiva Hot Chocolate. OCT bought me this from Barnes & Nobles yesterday, a book store near his work place. How sweet~ This has given me some motivation to drink milk. (I don't drink milk on its own since three years old).


Anonymous said...

Mei - oh no! not chocolate again!

Mandy said...

mei, you know me, chocolate is the love of my life!!

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