Tuesday, June 21, 2011

are you still here?

hmm...hi. this is awkward. 6 months has passed and you wonder if this pastry girl has completely abandoned her blog.

With all the changes in life, I have given some thoughts on starting another blog, but it just doesnt seem right. What was first started as a way to keep in touch with family has turned into a food blog with lots of pictures and recipes. Subsequently it becomes a work portfolio to get me into the doors of some of the best pastry shops. As my readership grows,  I become more reserved and aware of the things I share. Which is tough. Because I am someone who likes to speak my mind. A new blog would allow me to do just that anonymously. Tough call. I need time to carefully think this through.

Meanwhile, I just want to let everyone knows that Fresh from the Oven is currently blogging from New York City! I have landed a dream job in one of the city's best pastry shops. It's the kind of place where I would go work for free without a moment of hesitation if money is not an issue. But no. It would be naive to think that i could afford to live in NYC without pay. I am glad that my boss offered me a paid position to do what i love to do.

I cant tell you the name of the shop, which I hope would allow me to blog more freely about some of the quirk observations I see at work. And the occasional rants.

It is also my goal to check out as many bakeries and restaurants as I could when i am here. So you may find more food reviews here instead of recipes in the future. If you have a favorite local pizza place in NYC that you would like to share, i am all ears. :)

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