Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dinner- Homestyle

I still wasn't in the mood for cooking or baking today. Maybe it's the relentless rain, or just plain laziness. But dinner is my responsibility, and I don't have that much house chores to do, so I can't use that as an excuse for no time to make dinner, As dinner time approached,I decided to prepare some simple stirfry dishes that included belanchan eggplants, bacon cabbage and mum-style prawn for dinner.

OCT was impressed that I can conjure up a meal within an hour, and as usual he devoured them, and ate 2 big plates of rice. That helped to uplift my spirit, seeing the smile of satisfaction on his face.

After dinner, we went to the library and Straub's (a supermarket near our place) for a walk. I am finally in the mood to bake again, and is actually baking oatmeal raisin bar cookies now. This is in my "this week to-bake list" inspired by my friend bp. She baked us some of these for Christmas and it was so good that I ended up finished them by myself...

Here's my oatmeal raisin bar cookies:

It's healthy and tastes nice, but I think it maybe too healthy for OCT's taste now.

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