Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Updates

After half of the winter has passed, it finally snowed last Friday, never mind that it only lasted a few hours and the snow accumulated was not really enough to do anything "interesting" (like making snowman or snow angel..)Below was pic taken from my window last friday: Compare this with the sight of my first snow in St Louis:

I think you know what I mean by "not enough snow to do anything interesting".... On Saturday, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood in the morning, and also for me to practise my photographic skill. OCT was quite stressed when he saw me bringing the camera. Because that would mean a highly disruptive walk.(I can stand at one place and take photos at different angles, and get really grumpy if the pics didn't turn out as I wish). It was a quiet Saturday, sunny but cold, brrr.......

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