Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A little accident in the kitchen

It all started with a meatloaf recipe i saw on a website...I was pondering on what to do with the 1.5 pound mince beef in the freezer, other than the usual spaghetti with meaty bolognese sauce. It seems nice, with 1000+ rave reviews.

I assembled the "very promising meatloaf" following the exact instructions from the recipe, while roasting mixed-herb potatoes in the lower tray. Everything seemed fine, and I happily proceeded to prepare the ingredients required for the tomyam fried rice. I checked the meatloaf at the twentieth minute, and horrified to find that it's drenched in oil!!!! I must do something, I thought.

And I did, which i regretted...I tried to take the wobbly disposable meatloaf pan out from the oven, and in split second, before i realised, it fell and spilled all over the floor of the oven, resulting in a lot of smoke! Remembering the last 2 incidents when fire alarm went off when my food burned, I immediately shut the oven door closed, ignoring the spillage, switched the oven off, opened each and every window and door in the apartment, hoping to get rid of the smoke the spillage has caused.

Called me timid, I was traumatized....and didn't know what to do for a few minutes. I didn't dare to open the oven, worrying that all the smoke will trigger the fire alarm...and I was also scared that it may explode! Emm.... afterall, I am just an innocent girl, how would I know how the oven reallly works? or whether it would explode or not....

In the end, I managed to calm myself down and continued to cook my planned tomyam fried rice. Too bad we can't have meatloaf tonight, because it really smelt nice... Dinner was nice, but it would be nicer with the meatloaf. We spent one hour cleaning the oven after dinner, Chintong was nice enough to do most of the job and even washed the dishes. He said I have had enough for one day. This is the tomyam fried rice with roasted herb potatoes:

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