Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In Search of the Ultimate Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chips Cookies

Despite the fact that I am a full-time stay at home wife, I always opt for simple meal ideas instead of the more complicated recipes. Although I have the whole day to prep for the meal, I choose to do it the very last minute, every night. I feel so ashamed of my irresponsible behavior as a wife.....

So when OCT mentioned his fondness for chewy chocolate chips cookies this afternoon, I quickly decided to whip up a batch for him. Nevermind I have never succeeded in my past attempts. Though I have made countless batches, not a single one passed his definition as "soft and chewy"......In short, I am in a search for the perfect chewy cookies recipe.And I need one now! I remembered seeing one from Cook's Illustrated. So Cook's Illustrated it is! Only this time, I follow the recipe to the letter, including the tonnes of brown and granulated sugar and maximum recommended chocolate chips in the recipe. Not only that, I also pay a closer attention to the cookies in the oven than ever before.

While shaping the dough, I thought this is definitely the cookies you want to make for your worst enermies. Though not potent enough to kill them, these cookies can make them fat if not obese, and suffer from either high cholesterol, heart attack or type 2 diabetes. Just make them a batch every week, and you will see the result pretty soon. What a wicked thought! I am just joking on this, so please ignore this altogether. What I really want to say, is that these cookies are so darn good. It's simply irresistible and so addictive!I bake six cookies, and keep the rest of the shaped dough in the freezer."So that you can pull out the dough and make fresh cookies when unexpected guests turn up" said the magazine. Well, I am not sure about the unexpected guest's part, but freezing them for a later time sounds like a good idea. At least I know I won't end up eating most of them, and digging my own grave. I have also packed three of them for OCT to give to his lab mates tomorrow. Out of sight, out of mind,right? I think I am pretty safe right now.

I am not sure if this is THE ultimate chocolate chips cookie, but it surely make me a very happy girl today. Who say happiness is hard to find?

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Anonymous said...

Mandy - the unusually 'choc lover'. Enjoy your cookies!!!

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