Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Lemon Day!

I have a craving for lemon related pastries and having a hard time to decide whether I should bake lemon cookies or lemon cake. So guess what! I baked BOTH. hahaha. The lemon cake recipe comes from my to-try-list. After having a huge success with Ina Garten's Lemon Cake, I wonder how the Cook's Illustrated Version compared to the invincible recipe. As for the lemon cookies, I have been finding a tried and tested recipe for ages. This morning, I found my answer from Anna's Cookie Madness blog. The lemon cookie recipe even used wheat germ that I bought on sale last week.

Perfect! I thought. I will bake both, and have enough lemon pastries to curb my lemon craving once and for all. Since both recipes provide clear instructions, I thought I will just post pictures of my final products insteads of bore you with the details.

I even cut the cookies out in heart shape! Later, I have to abandon the idea as the dough was really sticky....
If the weather allows,maybe we will go to the park near our place for a little picnic this weekend. Something that I wanted to do for sometime but couldn't get around to do. And guess what's OCT 's concern since I suggested picnic this weekend? The food! He kept asking me what we are going to eat for the picnic! Now that we have some lemon cake and cookies, we will definitely bring them along.

Coming back to the baking. I think these 2 recipes are really design for one another. Let me explain. First, the cake called for 3 eggs and 1 egg yolk, while the cookies called for 1 egg and 1 egg white. Can you see how well they compliment one another? If I only make the cake or cookies, I will either have the white or egg yolk left! And the cookies have to be frozen in the freezer for an hour before it could be rolled out. While waiting for the cookie dough, the cake is baking away in the oven. When the cake is done, it's the cookies' turn. It's just right to bake both on the same day.

Much to my delight, both the lemon cake and lemon cookies are delicious! And I can't decide which one I like better....

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