Sunday, May 07, 2006

I am sick :(

It all started with a seemingly harmless runny nose. And as usual, I failed to see it as a sign of something serious. I went ahead to do my grocery shopping, through the painfully long school shuttle route and cooked a good dinner, as a responsible wife would. We had semi home-made pizza, using Pilsbury pizza crust, and top it with lots of spinach, roast red pepper and a mixture of Gorgonzola and mozalrella cheese.

Maybe it's a bad choice, though we really think it's a good meal. The pizza aggravated my already sore throat. For the whole night, I couldn't sleep. My throat was so painful that I can't even swallow my saliva.

On Saturday morning, I was experiencing serious block nose, and sore throat. I can't do anything but sleep most of the time, and took in plenty of liquid. Arrgh, the last thing I want to happen is to fall sick on a weekend!! OCT was relieved that he didn't have to go out shopping with me, as planned. He got to play computer at home. Oh, and following the Singapore post-poll day report.

When I am sick, I eat porridge and plain white bread. OCT being a loving husband decided to cook me something nourishing. and this was what I had for lunch- steam cod with porridge:

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Anonymous said...


this is adeline, ur cousin back in KK, Sabah! how r u feeling? any better? have been amused by ur cooking, never knew u were such a great cook! IMPRESSED! anyway, take care of ur health k, take care!

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