Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not my day....

This morning we went to the nearby Forest Park for a stroll, and visited the Tulip Fest that was held in the Jewel Box. We were both awestruck by the beauty of so many Tulips in the garden, and OCT helped me took some really nice shots. I intended to send some photos to my good friend ST, as I remember she loves Tulip.

We reached our destination after 30 minutes walk, I was highly distracted by other interesting scene on our way there, as usual. All in all, I think we have taken 60+ pictures in this morning.Excited though exhausted, I can't wait to upload the photos once we were home, even though OCT was using my laptop at that time. Since I have uploaded photos for countless time, it's like a reflex action to press the Enter keys several times without reading the message prompted. After the photos were uploaded, I happily left OCT alone to internet surfing, and went ahead to delete the photos in my memory card.

Big mistake!!!!!!I can't find my photos in my laptop though I was quite sure I uploaded them. Using my limited IT skill, I tried to search through all my file, but to no avail.....All the photos are gone! :(

You won't understand how I feel unless you have had the same experience before. Deep down in my heart, I believe the photos are hidden beneath some files, awaiting my rescue.......I really hope this is the case....sob sob.


Anonymous said...

Well if it can comfort you dear... I climbed the Mt Kinabalu with my cousin during this CNY. It was pain, pain and pain, physically. I couldn't move the next 5 days but we took fantastic pictures.... Few days later, my cousin (who was in charge of the photos shoot) deleted all by mistake - as he thought he uploaded on his pc then delete on his memory card... only to find out that he didn't upload it.
After all this suffering and no photo to prove it.... Ahh moral pain!

Mandy said...

Ouch...I am so so sorry to hear that, Sarah. Maybe we can climb again next time...I never climb the mountain itself, though I have been living below her for 19 years!

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