Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My macaroni

I must not forget to include this dish in my blog. Because I am proud that I created this on my own! It all began from the cancellation of our planned trip to vineyard on Sunday. Intending of having a lovely picnic on site, I had cooked some macaroni for a pasta salad. Due to the bad weather forecast, we decided to pospone it till a later date. And so, I was stucked with a 1 lb cooked macaroni in the fridge....

Since I don't have to cook something tried and tested for the picnic, I decided to experiment with some odds and ends found in the fridge. Also, inspired by OCT's homemade instant noodle sauce, I added ketchup in my sauce.

The combination is diced carrot + diced yellow pepper+ diced pineapples +diced ham + macaroni + sambal oelek + ketchup + dash of soy sauce + splash of rice vinegar. Just throw in the ingredients in this order, and I get a yummy macaroni meal. A bit spicy, a bit sweet, and we both love it! I am so sorry for not including a more detailed recipe, but I guess all the amount on ingredients can be adjusted to suit individual preference......

Oh, and we find it nicer the next for some unknown reason. Maybe I will make more next time, so that we will have some leftover for the next day!

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