Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another 1/2lb of macaroni

I didn't use up the cooked macaroni in the previous dish, so I was left with another half a pound of cooked macaroni... What I did with the rest? I decided to bake them, with tomato-based sauce and lots of parmesan and mozarella cheese! We had baked cheesedog and macaroni on Monday night.

I needed something real fast as we were meeting our friend, kind Vikas who offered us a lift to do grocery shopping. I decided to use cheesedogs because they are almost expiring....Plus, I figured that if I used cheesedogs, i probably didn't need to care too much about seasoning.

This was really a time saver. And I like it!

This was how it looked when it came out from the oven...

As it rest, the cheese harden, which is good. That way, it's actually easier to serve. I should have taken a photo of how the cross-section looks. But we were too hungry and couldn't wait to dig in. I felt sorry that we coudn't share this with Vikas, as he doesn't eat sausage. I should have asked before I baked this.....Instead, I baked him some no-fail scones.

Speaking of the grocery trip. He brought us to the World Food Market, where they sell lots of food from different ethic groups. Some really cool Italian, Greek, Russian, Mexican and Asian stuffs. As usual, I went crazy to stock up on some hard to find ingredients, and bought some new condiments. It was really a fruitful trip. I feel empowered to cook up a storm again!

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