Saturday, December 31, 2005

A peaceful Saturday

After an eventful Christmas weekend, we decided to take things easy and do absolutely nothing this weekend. I promised myself to bake biscotti yesterday and i did! Below are the end products of my first-time chocolate dipped orange-walnut biscotti.

They look prettier after drying and certainly appear appetizing. However, I can't exactly remember how biscotti taste. Sigh... Maybe I should just buy one from Starbuck to confirm I get the flavour right.

I think I will make chocolate marble bread with chocolate ganache later if we are not going out. and phad thai for dinner since we have all the ingredient... Yesterday I saw a fellow blogger's blog, which has A LOT of dessert photos! I wonder if i would be half as good one day if I only make 5 desserts a month....

Maybe I should really get a job to sustain my expensive hobby...

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