Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My new laptop

Finally, I got a new laptop! I can finally bid farewell to Chintong's old Mac and start quality blogging. I must say that we snatched a very good deal based on any standard that i am aware of. We got a Acer Aspire with $599, with a free Lexmark all in one printer and a wireless G router. What more can i ask for?!

However, there's a little problem, i.e I have to setup the laptop on my own. I know, this may not sound difficult. But for me, a computer illiterate, it certainly is challenging. I was sitting down in the living room for the whole afternoon yesterday, trying to figure out how to install the router. And when the old Mac's OS failed me at one point, I had no choice but to call the provider's tech support for help..It was such a pain to go through all the humiliation of not knowing what parts the technician was talking about. When the system was finally up and running, we went off to catch "The Chronical of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe".

To my dismay, I was denied access to internet when we were back! Too tired after the 125 min movie, i threw in the white towel for the day, and decided to fight the battle again today. it's another long day for me, trying to reach one technician after another when they can't solve my problem, and called my ISP provider to ask for some confidential information required to have a successful installation. And yes, I managed to pull everything together on my own. My satisfaction is beyond words.

This is life, things can't always go your way, and when you want something bad enough, you will find ways to get it.

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