Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year Resolutions

It's end of the year, and yes, time for New Year Resolutions! I vividly remember almost the same time every year when i sit down quietly in a little cozy place, contemplating what I want to achieve in the coming year.

And the determination usually don't sustain till middle of the year, I would almost absolutely forget about all the resolutions I have made, and history repeats itself year after year. But, no, I have not given up on making New Year Resolutions. And as I would make it a resolution to keep up my resolutions every year, I make it a resolution to follow through my resolutions this year.

Other than that, I really want to...

1. Master English. O.k, I will try to read at least 4 books in a month, on top of the 5 magazines i subscibed.

2. Be a competent baker. I will try at least 5 new recipes each month.

3.Stay healthy. well, i know exercise is important, so....I will work out 3 times a week?

4.Make the world a better place, by being compassionate to people around me, prudent with the natural resources.

5. Learn the art of saving, from the master- OCT!

6. Keep in touch with friends and family whom I care so much.

Have you made you resolutions for 2006 yet? Till then, have a Happy New Year! I have to put my baby champagne into the fridge now, so that it will be chill enough on New Year Eve. (just a lame excuse to sign off, hehehe..)

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