Thursday, December 29, 2005


Since I came to St Louis, I have been cooking dinner diligently every night. My apartment is kind of small, so there really isn't a lot of chores that needed my attention. In fact, I sometime feel guilty at the thought that dinner alone is the only thing i do for chintong. In order to make up for it, I try to cook dinner as sumptuous as possible. Below are some of the examples:

I know what you have been thinking.... and yes, i don't cook chinese meals everyday. There are so many new and affordable ingredients here!Hence i decided to cook western meals at least once a week, sometime using the oven to test out new recipes. I think i should try to make it a point to take pictures of my everyday meals so that i know what i have tried. I am really inspired by some fellow bloggers who bake and cook different dishes everyday, it really motivates me to try something new....

I think i will try my hands on biscotti tomorrow, and i shall take a picture of it no matter how it turns out to be.

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