Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cool Meal on Hot Day

There are days when I don't feel like standing in front of the stove. And there are days when produce threaten to spoil if I decided to turn a blind eye. What would I do if both unfortunate situations coincide?

The last time I had some very ripe tomatoes and romaine, I added them in the filling of a wrap together with some smoked salmon. Spreaded with a thick layer of jalapeno cheese spread on a spinach tortilla, it was a perfect way to clear up some fridge space for our coming farmer's market find. Not to mention, a good way to use up the cheese spreads which we always unable to finish before they expire.


A simple meal that doesn't require much effort but sufficient to satisfy the husband who is always hungry.

What do you do on days like these?


Amrita said...

Looks really fresh & inviting!

Anonymous said...

Wraps are one of my favorite meals in the summer! Loaded with fresh ingredients, they are perfect. These look tasty!

Deborah said...

I love doing wraps!! Not only perfect for a hot day, but really simple and fast as well.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Your wraps look so good, Mandy! And healthy, too.

Deborah said...

Mandy - I've tagged you for a meme!! Check out my blog for more info.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks refreshing! Love the green wrapper. Your topic described it perfectly.

ayseyaman said...

Hi Mandy,
meal looks very nice for hot summer days. I like the green wrapper, too. Also, your tiramisu and Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant are great.
I am going to look at your other recipes now. :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mandy, saw yr blog fm HappyHomeBaking and was instantly attracted coz of the words "novice baker" - I am only starting to learn how to bake now so I thought I could identify with another novice baker...alas! My hopes were short-lived! Yr bakes are so so gorgeous!!! How can u be a novice baker!!!???? Anyway, I totally identified with u when I read the bit on "Housefly, sorry, housewives also hv deadline" so true....we are so alike in that sense (little housework, not working, love to eat/cook/bake) but I guess u hv a small child (kids are demanding!) so I was totally humiliated when I saw how beautifully u presented yr food, even simple stuffs........OK, back to what to cook on hot summer days, I may just mk those Cantonese long-boil soups (I know, contradictory!) and a one-dish-in-a-wok thing. Yes, I am always looking for less work to do aka lazy. "VB - Singaporean living in HK"

Mandy said...

thanks ladies for your kind comments!

Anonymous said...

I'm also trying to clean up my fridge so that I can get more stuff from the farmers market. Summer's farmers markets are just fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Simple, refreshing and healthy. What can we ask for more? This is the 2nd time (and not the last recipe) that I learn from you and did this tonight for CY who loves it. But I did add up some personalize touch:
1) added oignons together with tomatoes and lettuce
2) created my own sauce with French creme fraiche, cod roe (Japanese shelf), lemon zest, lemon juice, chopped parsley + dill and a touch of salt + papper.

CY loves it! Merci Mandy ^_^

Anonymous said...

your blog is very lovely, i love the color! sorry not to visit you back quickly enough since you've left your comment in my blog, thanks again for dropping by!

WokandSpoon said...

That looks really nice and healthy and quick to put together! Is that a spinach wrap?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Mandy,
You got tagged! Go to my blog for more info.

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You have a small child? That's new to me! :) Where have you been hiding him/her? LOL :)

Suganya said...

Those wraps looks perfect....Nice pic....Love them...

Mandy said...

100% agree.

yours are definitely more exquisite!! really envy CY!

you are most welcome! thannks for dropping by.

yes, those are spinach wraps!

little corner of mine,
I will try my best ;)

anonymous, kids yet, but my bulging stomach suggests a 4 months pregnancy :(
btw, who is this please? Know me personally?


Lee Ping said...

What a lovely wrap for days you decide not to stand in front of the stove or let your produce go bad in the fridge.

Tonight, I made ham sandwich for dinner. :)

1) fluffy wheat bread from Uwajimaya
2) mayonnaise from Uwajimaya
3) ham from Trader Joes

Uwajimaya is our local Japanese grocery store.

I would have sliced my cucumber and include it in the sandwich but it had already turned moldy. :(

Some sliced watermelons made up for the extra fiber that we need.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love how fresh these wraps look. What a perfect and healthy menu for a hot day!

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey Mandy, those wraps of yours look really inviting! You are the first blogger to say you like Hugh Grant, the other ladies prefer Colin Firth!

Peabody said...

On days when it is too hot we go to our market and buy cheeses, breads, olives and other goodies. Sit around and drink wine and eat it. No cooking required.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Wraps are my mainstay lunch. So many flavours and combinations to enjoy!! This looks delish!!!

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