Monday, July 30, 2007

8 Random facts about me...

Thanks to lovely Deborah from Taste and Tell for tagging me for the "8 random facts about me" meme, I have the opportunity to tell you more about myself, aside from the food I make. Here goes the random facts:

1. I am left-handed. Knowing the challenge that lies ahead of a left-handed, my mum tried her very best to convert me. Too bad, it didn't work. I am destined for a challenging life.

2. I can't swim. Many people tried to teach me, but I just couldn't float. Maybe because I am aqua-phobic. I couldn't submerge myself because I am scare of having water enter my ears and eyes.

3. I don't like/eat white chocolate. And I don't think white chocolate should be considered chocolate at all. When I was much younger, I thought that was because white chocolate was not brown in colour, and hence it doesn't qualify for the name "Chocolate".

4. My favorite snack is Kit Kat. I used to eat Kit Kat for lunch and dinner when I was simply too lazy to cook. My favorite Kit Kats are made in UK and Japan. Got to give it to the Japanese for coming up with flavors like strawberry cheesecake, greentea, coffee and dark chocolate.

5. I am a Mickey fan. I have lots of Mickey T-shirts, with one vintage T passed down from mum. She got it while we went to the Japan's Disneyland 22 years ago! It was passed down to me since I was 12, and I am still wear it now. Although only occasionally. Like the time when we were in WDW last year.

6. I only started drinking coffee after I entered college. Mum believed that caffeine was not good for kids, and therefore banned us from consuming it. I am not entirely sure if it's a myth, but I was certainly brainier before I started drinking coffee. Excuses excuses....

7. Like most of the Malaysian Chinese, I can speak and write three languages: English, Chinese and Malay. I am interested to learn French and Japanese too, so that I can read their cookbooks. :)

8. My favorite color is PINK. Hmmm.... I know a lot of people can't stand the color, but it makes me happy whenever I see things in pink colour. Guess it's a cheerful color, very much like me.

I am not tagging anyone, since most of the bloggers I know have probably done this before. But feel free to tag yourself and tell me 8 random facts about yourself. I sure love to know you better. Yes, you who are reading this now!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mandy,
No wonder your blog's background color is pink.

I can't swim either and I love Kit Kat.

My Mom introduced me to white chocolate when I visited her in Australia two years ago. It was love at first taste for me though. My favorite is still dark chocolate (the darker the better).

Deborah said...

Thanks for participating Mandy!!

I really need to try some of those Kit Kats from Japan and UK. I've only had the original. I did have some coconut Rolo's in London quite a few years back and I wish I could get some more of those!

bp said...

Wow, didn't know your Mickey t-shirt had such a long history... no wonder it's so precious! =)

I like Kit Kat too, and hope that one day, I'll get to try all the special flavours you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Now I know 8 more facts about you. :)
Moderate caffeine should be ok, I think. I take all kinds of coffee - from those coffee (roasted with corn kernels) + condensed milk, commonly found in S'pore/Malaysia; to those Starbucks-alike brewed coffee (and I don't mind it black) :O

WokandSpoon said...

There are strawberry cheesecake kitkats in Japan??? wow!! I enjoyed reading your 8 things!

Mandy said...


What a relieve to know that I am not the only one who can't swim. ;p

thanks for giving me an opportunity to share some random facts about myself!

it's the grey colour one. Not sure if I have wore it to any of our gatherings.

I didn't some coffee in Sing/Malaysia is roasted with corn kernel! That's something new to me. But I like the hawker's or kopitiam coffee, especially with their prices.;p

yes, but I think the strawberry cheesecake was a limited edition...

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