Thursday, October 26, 2006

A week worth of dinners

I couldn't believe that I haven't jotted down anything we ate for the week. Time just flies with lightning speed, and I really didn't do much this week. Procrastinating is bad. Now I can't remember exactly what I made for the week.

Let see. We had roasted chicken thighs with root veggies for dinner on Sunday night.

Monday, we had an excellent spicy turkey cake with horseradish aioli and potato, corn and leek chowder.

Tuesday, I started to get crazy about bread making and made a loaf of thyme focaccia.Dinner was a self invented, non picture worthy ham and pepper pasta with white wine sauce.

Wednesday, after a little success with my first focaccia, I went wild and made 2 loaves of pumpkin and walnut focaccias. Nevermind that both OCT and I don't like to eat pumpkin at all. Dinner was an old recipe of teriyaki chicken from Cook Illustrated. It wasvery good. I made a mental note to remember to make this fast and easy teriyaki chicken more often. Probably we can have a Japanese theme dinner and we can pair it with Japanese short grain rice. I could make some sushi too. But I think I need more than these two items to substantiate my Japanese theme dinner. Something to ponder about.

Thursday, we have enough leftover, so I didn't cook. But I baked some Chockablock cookies (from Nov issue of Bon Appetit)for OCT's lab meeting on Friday, some apple strudel turnovers and my self-invented nutella, mango and kiwi in phyllo cups. I have high expectation on the apple strudel turnovers, but my first encounter with the phyllo dough turned out to be a disaster! They were oh-so-delicate to handle, and didn't seem to be able to cover my apple filling. The end products were pretty horrendous. I was discouraged after making a dozen of these and decided to give up. But I was supposed to bring a dessert tonight, so I cut the phyllo sheets into small squares and make them into phyllo cups. Then, I added the very sinful Nutella on the bottom of the cup as glue, and top them with mango bites and golden kiwis. Voila! Tasty and simply. I should have done this instead of the time consuming apple strudel turnovers! These easy treats proved to be a hit when everyone took a second pieces after the dinner.

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