Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oat and Golden Raisin Scones

I was motivated to make a batch of scones after seeing the outrageous price of scones at the Bagel Place downstair. Because I still have some buttermilk left, I decided to go with this recipe : Oat and Golden Raisin Scones. Which I have made another variation using cranberries and chocolate chips before. The original recipe called for dried fruits only (dried apricot, golden raisin, sour cherry or cranberries). But knowing OCT likes neither of the above, I added in some chocolate chips to entice him. So far, this method works. He happily finished the scones I made without complaining the dried fruits hidden in between.

Though scones are traditionally made with fresh cream, I find the version made with buttermilk gives more tang with lesser calories. More often than not,I like to make a batch of scone dough and freeze them for later use. Eventhough scones can be made in a snap. they only taste good on the day they are baked. By freezing the unbaked dough, I can easily bake some for weekend breakfast. Scone dough is a must have item in my freezer.

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