Saturday, September 09, 2006

Friday breakfast treat : Iced Lemon Shortbread Fingers

This is another recipe from Nancy Baggett's The All American Cookies Book. I personally like it a lot for the lemony taste. Trace of lemon zest could be found thoughout the shortbread and in the icing. You will like this if you are a lemon sucker like me. I saved some for myself to indulge (with coffee of course) while packing most for OCT's Friday lab meeting.

I made a mess cutting the iced shortbread. The icing just stick to the knife eventhough I wiped the knife after every cut. Maybe I should use some hot water to clean the knife next time. It works for cheesecake, so I guess it may work for pastry with icing too. I think the shortbread will appear more appetising if I cut them neater.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a single review from his colleague. But they did finish the whole tray that he brought. So maybe it's not that bad. Afterall, everything taste nice with icing right? However, on a health conscious note, this is certainly not the kind of dessert I should indulge on a daily basis. Maybe I should make myself a batch of biscotti. The yummy yet low fat biscotti. Anyway, I am thinking of baking a batch of chocolate pistachio biscottis for OCT's next lab meeting, but that will be later..

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