Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies

I make a batch of cookies tonight for our picnic tomorrow. After many delays, we are finally going to the winery with our friends! Not that I am an alcoholic, but I am always curious of the wine making process.

In fact, I am curious about everything that have to do with food! That's why I chose Applied Chemistry as my university major. How ignorant. The course had absolutely nothing to do with food. And all the chemicals that I dealt with were not edible....

After graduation, I found myself selling poison to professional. Ok, it's not what you think. I was only doing medical sales. If you look carefully, all the medicines are labelled poison on their insert. So, I can tell people that I made a fairly good living selling poison.

I have always wanted to do something related to food. In Uni days, applied Chemistry was the closest thing I could get...Ok, maybe not really close, but definitely closer as compared to Physics or Mathematics or Literature. Poor me who spent so many nights breaking down the complex organic structures into its simplest form; and cracking my head to think of the shortest pathway to make another meaningless chemical structure.

I wish I could use some of the knowledge I learnt in my baking. Some people say baking is a science. You must use the exact ingredients to get the exact outcome. I know this too. Did I tell you that I worked in a pharmaceutical plant before? I know how important the exact weight of a certain ingredients, the exact temperature and the exact mixing time are to the final products. Medicines are unlike cookies. No mistake is allowed. And nothing should be wasted. The last drop of liquid may well worth 10- 20 dollar.

I don't know why I suddenly digress and talk about my previous life... Back to the cookies. They are not as nice as I remembered.I think the last batch tasted much better. Maybe it's the Hershey Kissable chocolates that I used to replace part of the bittersweet chocolate chunks. The kissables are milk chocolate, which makes the chocolate tasted milky. Yike! I don't like the profound milk aftertaste! However, they look pretty interesting. Maybe kids will like them...

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