Friday, June 30, 2006

Kindness of the strangers

After knowing that the food in DC are appallingly expensive, I crack my head to come up with snacks that we can bring to eat for our upcoming trip. You have to understand that my husband has bottomless pit, so we really need to bring something that's filling, doesn't require a fridge, and economical. Yes, economical. I sort of feel guilty for making OCT to stretch his budget and bring me to visit Washington DC.

So, in desperation, I posted a question on the Cookinglight forum, a forum that I like to frequent but never contribute much. To my surprise, the kind people there have come up with all sort of creative and do-able ideas! One suggested that I bring my cooler bag, which I can fill with ice that hotel provides, so that we can buy milk/ yogurt to eat as breakfast. Another suggested me to make homemade granola to eat with the milk/yogurt. And others provide test and true recipes, ideas and tips for cheap eat and must see places.

When I told OCT about this, he was quite surprise. He said he didn't know why people could be so helpful to someone they never met. For me, I am touched. And I know I will do just the same for people that need my help. I think sometime we are too involved in our undertaking that we fail to see other's need. We become self centered and selfish and think everyone should fend for themselves and mind their own businesses. Kindness becomes rare, and deems as stupid, and to be taken advantage of.

I don't know. This is not the way I was brought up. I grow up in the part of the world where people help one another. Neighbours will help you to look after your house, water your plant when you are away and give you whatever extra fruits that they harvest in their backyard. Friends give you rides even it's out of their ways without you asking. People look after one another.

Sorry if I have bored you with these. It is just that the kindness of these people on the forum has suddenly reminds me the warmth of my hometown once again. Of course I must not forget to count my blessings to be in the midst of the helpful Singaporean community here...

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