Friday, March 24, 2006

Vegetarian Day

I was a Vegetarian yesterday! I didn't realise that until I lay on bed, trying to recall what I had eaten for the whole day. Ok, morning I drank coffee, ate 2 milano cookies, lunch was 1.5 scones, snack was a bowl of chips and dinner was tomato & avocado sandwich! Wow, so it's not that hard for me to be a vegetarian!

Speaking of why a vegetarian day. It was definitely not because I was trying to lose weight, though I am sure I need to.... The reason was:OCT had a free lunch. So he didn't bring the lefover to school and ate it as dinner last night instead. Since the portion was just enough for him, I decided to eat the almost expired bread with tomato and avocado. There's no point to cook because he is going to have another free lunch and dinner tonight. Spouses are invited to the dinner too! So we will dine out with the rest of his colleagues tonight. His boss choose a Chinese Restaurant though :( of course, it's always cheaper to eat in a Chinese Restaurant, especially when he needs to pay for 40 people! I know I shouldn't complain. But I have secretly hope that we will go to some interesting places for some exotic cuisine......Anyway, dining out on other people's expense is always good. (I am a cheapskate,hehehe)

Coming back to our yesterday's dinner. I also roasted some edamame with mixed spice. As usual, OCT didn't eat anything that he wasn't familiar. Eventhough the edamames and his wife smiled encouragingly at him. We failed to coax him to try any. After dinner, I cooked a pot of gingko beancurd barley dessert soup. (what a long name) Again, OCT didn't want to drink. He said he had already brushed his teeth. (What a clever excuse). But I was persistent and didn't take "NO" as an answer. Although he really had brushed his teeth. Being a good husband he is, he meekly drank a spoonful of the liquid, but still refused to eat the barley and beancurd.

"It's good for you, you know. You said you feel heaty right?"
"But I never ate the barley last time, I only drank the liquid."
"The bailey is cooling, you must eat some. Drink the liquid itself will not help to relieve the heatiness"
"But mum said you can not force me to eat things that I don't like"

So, I won. He ate some reluctantly, with tears in his eyes (I am just kidding on this part). Sometime men and children must understand: we women know more about nutrition, and are only forcing them to eat or do certain things for their own good. hahaha

Later, OCT had another cup of the drink, with no barley and no beancurd. At least he now knows that (1) Barley is edible (2) Barley doesn't taste as dreadful as he thought (3) His wife is a good wife (4) His wife will be a good mother next time. hahaha

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