Friday, March 16, 2007

Pizza and more asparagus

I have been wanting to try my hands at the "perfect pizza dough" featured in the latest Food and Wine magazine. But the long rising time deterred me. As someone who decide what to cook on the last minute basis, I can't wait for the 24 hours rising of the dough. I would have fainted from the hunger. Of course I can plan ahead. But I am not in planning mood this week. Maybe I will come around and make it next week. I promise.

Meanwhile, I decided to give the Trader Joe's 99 cents pizza dough a try. Again, because I cooked my dinner at the last minute, I forgot to take a look at the flavor of dough I bought. It should be the herb-y stuff. Making pizza is really a breeze with the ready-made dough. I topped my pizza with some caramelised onion, crumbled gorgonzola and white button mushroom. Quite a last minute change considering my initial plan was to make a smoke salmon, sour cream, dill and red onion topping. I don't know why but I have the difficulty of making up my mind lately.... Anyway, I forgot to saute the mushroom, and they let out lots of moisture that made our pizza pretty wet.... Other than that, it was a pretty nice vegetarian pizza.

A note on the pizza dough, we find that it was a bit too dense for our liking. OCT thought he prefered the version I made from MS Baking Handbook, in which the crust was thinner. Oh well, I am not going to stop there. Not before I try the F&W's version...

To go with the soggy vegetarian pizza was a side of roasted asparagus (My favorite) and some fried rice (just to keep the rice-man happy!)

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