Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lemon Spaghetti with Smoke Salmon

Home alone means I can take a long bubble bath without worrying about meeting dinner time.

Dinner alone means I get to try out my new recipe that I am not completely sure OCT will buy.The recipe in point is lemon spaghetti, which I remember seeing somewhere before. It is the perfect solution for someone who needs to shed off some new-gained weights and yet, still craves for something delicious. To make it extra special, I decided to add some smoke salmon. Afterall, I need the protein after working out in gym right?

The meal comes together in a flash, almost as fast as cooking instant noodle. All I have to do is tossing the cooked spaghetti with olive oil, lemon juice, smoked salmon and chopped parsley. And voila, a simple and delicious dinner for one!
With something as healthy and simple like this, who needs to eat the instant noodles loaded with MSG!

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