Sunday, July 30, 2006

What will you do with a lot of peaches?

(Photo taken by our talented friend-Melvin)

Yesterday, we went peach picking with our friends. I was naturally very excited, as this was my first time, and will probably be the last time to pick peaches here. If everything goes smooth, we will be back in Singapore same time next year.

The orchard is about an hour drive from our place and we set off in the morning to avoid the blazing sun in the afternoon. Still, it's one of the hot summer day. But it's worth it to expose ourselves under the sun for 2 hours. OCT and I had a great time picking peaches right from its source! OCT complained that I went MIA a few times, while looking for the ripe peaches. I have never been a big fan of peach, probably because I never eaten any nice peach before. Yesterday however, we shared 6 peaches among us in the orchard. Some tasted like mango, which I like!

In the end, we picked over 14 pounds of peaches. We have given some to friends, eaten a few yesterday, and made a banana peach smoothies today. I have a peach cobbler in the oven right now. If it tastes nice, I will post the recipe later.

Other than that, I also intend to make a peach cheesecake and some peachy baked goods. If you know of any good recipe, do let me know.

peach, anybody?

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