Friday, July 14, 2006

Am I out of my mind?

OCT said I was out of my mind to think I can make 36 cans of pineapple into the pineapple jam on my own. over the weekend.

I didn't realise the seriousness of the matter until I sat down to do some simple maths on the time required. How naive am I to think I can take on such a huge undertaking... If it takes 2 hours to cook down 5 cans of pineapple, I will have to repeat the work 7 times at least. Not to mention the time and effort required to open,drain and stir the pineapples.....It is not rocket science, but extremently labor intensive and time consuming. While the jam is cooking, I have to stir it CONTINUOUSLY or it will get burnt.

I have completed 2 batches, and the third batch is still cooking....Prospect of achieving my goal seems pretty positive. But my weekend will be burnt. Luckily, our friends Melvin and Gerrie offered to help on Saturday afternoon.

Now with extra pair of hands, I actually have a pretty good weekend :) OCT and I went out on Saturday for breakfast and bought a $5 dollar (after mail in rebate and 20% discount) blender! I can't wait to put the blender into good use. More importantly, after all the R&R over the weekend, all the pineapple jam are now ready to be used for our pineapple tarts making! We are going to make a thousand pineapple tarts on Tuesday for an event on this coming Sat and Sunday. I still can't imagine people will fork out money to buy my humble pineapple tarts.....

What happen if nobody wants my pineapple tarts?!

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