Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life without a car...

can be extremely frustating sometime. Today is a fine example. I went to do grocery shopping using the free shuttle service provided by OCT's school. On my way back, I purposely came out 10 mins earlier than the shuttle schedule. Because the shuttle comes every hour, so I really don't want to miss it. it is no fun waiting under the sun for another hour, not to mention I have bought some dairy products and meat.

So there I waited patiently for 30 minutes, with no sight of the shuttle. Then a Korean came and asked if the shuttle will be here soon. I told her that it would probably be there soon, as it has been more than 20 mins late. And so we waited for another 10 minutes. I was pretty frustated, and asked if the korean wanted to share a cab. Apparently she stays very near to my apartment, and she has a party of 4. I thought it would be economical to share a cab with another 4 people. Man was I wrong.

After she booked a cab, we waited for another 10 mins. still no sight of the shuttle. All in all, I have waited for an hour. And I don't think I have missed the shuttle because I was there 10 minutes earlier than the schedule.

That was first part of the story.

I was quite relieved when the cab came. 5 of us went into the cab, and were back to where we stayed in 15 minutes. Because I was sitting in front, next to the driver, so I paid for the fare. It was $13.9, plus tips, it was $16.00. After I unloaded my bags from the cab, the korean gave me $8.00. Can you believe it??!!!!!!! They are a party of 4 people. Which part of SPLIT that she doesn't understand? (16/5)x4 = roughly $12-13!

Maybe it's their culture or what. I was astonished/angry/tired and didn't want to argue with her. If she thinks this is fair, and deems this is what I mean by SHARE a cab, then so be it. I am just very angry now.

And I can assure you, this is not the first time the screw-up shuttle caused such distress to me. I am pretty sure this will not be the last.

What can I say? I should blame myself for not having a car. Or i wouldn't have to deal with all these nonsense.

I miss Singapore. I want to go home.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm singaporean and I like your baking stuff! Wow, so much for a 15 min cab ride in the US? It wouldn't be more than $10 in Sg...

Mandy said...

hi mj,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
ya, i know! It is ridiculously expensive to take cab here.

bp said...

Hope you're feeling much better now.

I miss home too, and must admit I did take for granted what a lucky Singaporean I am. So convenient -- MRT and shops and supermarket all within a stone's throw away from my HDB flat! Here, must drive to go everywhere.

But look at it on the bright side, a car can be a lot of ha$$le too ;p

QQKoala said...

It happens to me in Singapore too. After my Japanese class (9pm), my new befriend & classmate propose to take a cab as we both live in the East. When we reach her home first (a full 2-storeys house with garden, Benz park inside etc.), the cab fare was 12$ and she hand over a note and left quickly the cab. In the darkness I didn't really look at how much it was cuz I trusted her. But when I reach my home (16 or 17$), I then realize she gave me $2 only........ Since then I never talk to her in class.

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

I feel better after venting my anger in this entry :)

Oh my God! This is so unbelievable. The moment you get into a cab, the meter starts with more than $2.00 already...

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