Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A batch of chocolate biscottis

I baked a batch of chocolate biscottis on our 1st wedding anniversary. By no means that it is my gift to OCT, I was thinking of baking these goodies for somebody else actually.....

Because the biscottis are very well received by whoever that tried them in the past, I decided to make a big batch this time, using the recipe from Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. I wish I could overcome my laziness to type out the recipe soon. Borrowing the idea from Starbucks, I replaced 1/2 cup of flour with whole wheat flour. It gives the biscottis a nutty taste and somehow smoothen the harsh taste from the Hershey's Dutch processed cocoa. Also, i used 2 types of chocolates this time. The bitterweet Ghiradelli chocolate chips and 72% cocoa Vidalia. The marriage of both chocolates= heavenly.

The process of baking biscottis is always a messy and lengthy one. But a bite of the end product confirms that they are worth the effort. In fact, it's much cheaper to make the biscottis on your own than to buy them from the store. Even when you are using the best ingredients.

I ate some with my coffee this morning. It was so good~

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