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A Taste of Yellow: Steamed Fish Rolls


A taste of yellow is a food blogging event started by Barbara of Winos and Foodies last year in support of the LiveStrong Day. 149 bloggers participated by making dishes with an element of yellow food last year. I have no doubt that the numbers will increase this year as cancers have affected more people in all walks of life.

taste of yellow

I first learned about cancer when I was 9 years old. It affected my grandpa, the person I love the most in the entire world. It's hard to talk about grandpa without having tears welling up in my eyes. Although he has passed on for almost 20 years now, I still miss him a lot. More so on the special moment in my life, like my graduations and wedding. And I know how much he wished to see me in my wedding gown. But cancer took him away, even before he saw me graduating from primary school.

Grandpa was a joyous person and he knew how to enjoy life. He traveled whenever he could, and he and grandma were regulars in clubs where they loved to go and dance. Yes, my grandpa was a great dancer. Unfortunately, he never passed on that gene to any of his children or grandchildren. When I think of grandpa, I think of his infectious laughter, his positive outlook on life, the jokes we shared, the story about tiger and a little girl that I asked him to repeat one too many times and the delicious chinese meals he cooked.


When grandpa was alive, egg used to be one of his favorite foods. I think it's only appropiate for me to make something with eggs as my contribution for this year's A Taste of Yellow. So steamed fish rolls it is. I first saw the recipe on Chubby Hubby, and then my friend Rasa Malaysia made it too. The locals in my hometown have a similar version of this dish, but between you and me, I like the bloggers' version better.

Steamed Fish Rolls
adapted from Rasa Malaysia

3 extra large eggs (makes about 6 small fish rolls)
6 sheets of roasted nori or seaweed
1/2 pound fish paste or half a box of frozen fish paste (get it from any Asian Grocery store)
4 or 5 medium shrimps, shelled and deveined, finely minced
1 stalk scallions (chopped into tiny bits)
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
3 dashes white pepper powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon Japanese mirin (optional)

Defrost the frozen fish paste and add in minced shrimps, scallions, sesame oil, and white pepper. Mix well and set aside. Beat the eggs and add mirin, if using and salt. Heat up a non-stick omelet pan (any nonstick pan with 8-9-inches in diameter is fine) and make about 6 thin omelets. Set the omelets aside to let cool.

After the omelets are fully cooled, transfer one onto a dry and clean chopping board. Lay a piece of roasted seaweed or nori on top of the omelet. Cut the edges of the seaweed sheet off with a kitchen shear, so they match the shape of the omelet perfectly. Then, spread a thin layer of the fish paste mixture evenly on top of the roasted seaweed sheet and roll the omelet up firmly. Seal the omelet with the fish paste so the fish roll is nice and tight. Repeat the same for the remaining omelets.

Transfer the fish rolls onto a plate and steam in hot boiling water for 8-10 minutes or until the fish paste fillings turn opaque. Cut the fish rolls into small pieces and serve immediately with chilli sauce.

note: for step by step illustrations, check out my fellow Malaysian-My Kitchen Snippet's post


Anonymous said...

i think it's very apt you chose to use the ingredient he liked best for this dish. it's beautiful and looks delicious too. thanks for sharing :) x

Rasa Malaysia said...

Awww, you have such an endearing story about your grandpa. My late grandma affected me and my cooking a lot. I grew up in her house and it was so sad that when she passed away, I was in the US and didn't make it home. :(

This is a great recipe to keep. :)

Stardust said...

These rolls look so delicately made, what a gentle color...

I'm sure that your grandpa feels your adoration, every little thought reaches him. He's watching over your phases of life! =) And of course, this taste of Yellow.

Live, love, laugh... It makes him smile.

Manggy said...

I have no doubt that your grandpa is very proud of what his little girl has become :) Thank you for sharing your touching story, Mandy.

Now, I wish I had any idea what fish paste looked like!! (or maybe I could make my own?)

Unknown said...

Your Grandpa sounds like he was a wonderful man. No wonder you miss him so much. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful recipe. Great photo.
Thanks for supporting LiveSTRONG With A Taste Of Yellow.

tigerfish said...

I will try this with minced shrimps! So healthy and bet it is delicious :)

ICook4Fun said...

That is a very touch story of your granpa. By the way your fish rolls look so beautiful especially the vibrant color of yellow.

Susan @ SGCC said...

What a lovely tribute to your grandfather! I'm sure he is very proud of you and your beautiful food.

Your steamed fish rolls look delicious!

Deborah said...

What a wonderful entry! Your grandfather sounds like he was a wonderful man.

bp said...

What a lovely post in memory of your grandfather. These fish rolls look great, and must be very delicious, not to mention healthy!

Just dropping in to see how you and OCT are doing in your new home. Hope you're settling in nicely. And I like your new blog look, great job! =)

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