Monday, January 01, 2007

The period between Christmas and New Year

Nothing much happened between Christmas and New Year. This period was pretty quiet, except for catching up with some friends here on Christmas Eve and an impromptu dinner with some after a night visit to the St Louis Art Museum.

I took advantage of the after Christmas sales to buy some chocolate santas and turned them into props for a "break the santa" game after a dinner with friends. It was as usual, a silly idea of mine, which my friends had kindly obliged. The objective of the game was to break the 8-inch santa into pieces. Everyone had a chance to break the santa down by his/her preferred method. (smash it against the wall, against the table etc)
Poor santa still didn't know what would happen to him moments later.

Santa with some of his tormentors:

The chocolate santa was surprisingly hard. He was left mostly unscathed after numerous wracking. Until he met the seemingly demure M, who smahed santa against the dining table and ended his misery.Yeah, I know this is childish. Thank you.

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