Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The second birthday cake in a week

I made another birthday for our friend Gerrie's birthday. Alright, I need to make a confession. The first one I made for Dilip, was meant to be a test for Gerrie's. I wanted to be sure the recipe works before giving it to her. Somehow, the first batch didn't turn out the way I liked and I was suddenly stucked with 3 9-inch cakes. OCT suggested that I frosted them and he would bring it to the lab October birthday party. I am glad I did! According to OCT, his colleagues liked it a lot!And my cake was the only cake they had for the party. Can you imagine if OCT didn't bring the cake, the borthday party would be one without a cake? That would be very strange!

On Saturday night, I repeated the recipe, and paid more attention to the detail this time. The cake turned out lighter than the first one, which was good. Sunday afternoon, while OCT busied himself with work, I whipped out a batch of chocolate ganache to fill the cake. I think I like the whipped chocolate ganache better than the cake. It was just the way it was described by the author : light and dense at the same time. I then frosted the cake with a rich chocolate frosting. And OCT helped to decorate the cake.

I hope Gerrie likes it. The next cake will be for OCT!

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