Thursday, October 26, 2006

Apple picking on Saturday

Something was wrong with blogger and the whole entry I typed about apple picking was gone. To keep the long story short, it was a fun day for us! The trip was initially cancelled because Dilip's son was running a high fever. After a few hours of rest, the fever subsided, and he called to tell us that the plan was still on.

It was my first encounter with apple trees. And I was suprised by how short apple trees are. We were led to some Fuji Apple trees. It must have passed the peak apple picking season, as we didn't see many apples on the trees. Nevertheless, there were enough for everyone to munch, and pick for later consumption.

While we were there, we saw many apples being discarded on the floor. In fact there were more apples on the ground than on the trees. OCT and I were thinking on the same thing : How nice if these apples could be recycled and send off to countries where food is scarce and people are dying from hunger every second....

Let's hope that someday food would be distributed evenly in the world.

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