Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sao Bao

I made a batch of sao bao for our Mid-Autumn Festival gathering yesterday. I remember mum used to make these for gatherings too. But the filling of mum's version was slightly different from mine. I intended mine to be more like BBQ pork bun. Of course it didn't turned out the way I wanted. But it wasn't too bad for a first attempt either.

I think I must have been spending 2 hours on the pastry rolling and enveloping the fillings into the pastry. It was such a time consuming project. And I didn't remember mum spent so much prep time.....I must ask her next time.

Here's picture of my sao bao. I forgot to take a picture of the filling.But I am sure I will make it again soon.

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Anonymous said...

This has been here for so long.... i am just hoping that you will get this message. Could you please let me know how you made the Pork Sao Bao's. P L E A S E

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