Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Home alone Italian Night

I tried 3 new recipes tonight! The first one: tomato basil pasta nest is from Rachel Ray 365: No Repeat, and a Caesar dressing from Everyday Food, which I used the leftover in baked tilapia.

It was an excellent meal. We thoroughly enjoy it though OCT and I had it at different time. The tomato basil pasta got a booast from a tablespoon of pesto sauce which makes it really outstanding. I am not crazy about pesto, but its subtle taste added some complexity to this otherwise simple dish. A dish worth repeating another day!

The caesar dressing is from the Sept issue of Everyday Food, a magazine I recently subscribed. Though it tasted quite ok, I still prefer Ina's version. After dressing the salad, I still have quite a bit of the dressing left. I guess the tang would go well with tilapia, so I baked them together. And they turned out well too.

The delicious meal made me forget temporarily that I was dining alone. You know people sometime tell you that no matter how delicious the food is, if you were to eat alone; the food will be pretty tasteless. Not for me! Maybe I was too hungry....

*recipes will be uploaded soon.

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