Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Almost a thousand pineapple tarts

Today, we devoted a whole day to make pineapple tarts. The initial target was to make a thousand pieces. After a 2 hours and one hundred tarts later, we reluctantly admitted that a thousand tarts within a day was too daunting a task, if not impossible.

So, we change the plan to make whatever amounts until we used up the pineapple jam.

We made the tarts at YM's place from 10a.m. Ever since I have acquired my KitchenAid mixer 7 months ago, I have forgotten how tiring it could be to use a handheld mixer. Today, I am once reminded. Baking is no longer therapeutic when you need to use the handheld mixer for more than 10 times within 7 hours.

At around 6p.m, we still have about 200 tarts to be completed. We decided to move to my place to make the rest of the tarts. Whipping the dough becomes a bliss at the presence of the powerful mixer.

Sorry about the digression. I am supposed to tell you more about the tart making process. Somehow, today's dough making experience reminds me of how often we take things for granted. And I shall be more thankful for what I have and complain less of what I devoid.

Dough making aside, the tart making session was fun! I wish I had brought my camera with me, so that I could show you the tart making process. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, these are some of the tarts we made today:

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bp said...

Oh yes, the wonders of modern technology! No, I don't have a kitchenaid mixer. But I can just imagine how difficult it must have been for you guys to work on so many tarts, without one! Wow... you completed almost 1,000 tarts... that's got to be a record-breaking feat! Well done, no-longer-a-Novice-Baker!!!

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