Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sushi after 9 months

I haven't had a single sushi for 9 months since I came to St Louis! Today however, I have make up for it by eating more or less ten pieces on my own. And I didn't buy them, I made them. Yeah! I have almost forgotten my love for Japanese food. Not that there isn't any decent Japanese restaurants here in St Louis. In fact, there are at least 3 Japanese restaurants just below our apartment. OCT is lovely enough to wanted to treat me to one of these places but I didn't really get around trying them. Maybe because I am more $$ conscious nowaday because I am not working....


I reckon it would not be too difficult making them myself, since I saw Ying Ying making them back in Singapore before. So I borrowed the bamboo mat from my friend, and gathered all the necessary ingredients needed for sushi making.

It's my first time. I am pretty satisfied with the result. OCT however think that they are so so only.....:( ok, there's still plenty of room for improvement..

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