Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spareribs with Black Peppercorn Grill Mix

Yesterday night we had spareribs for dinner. I turned my oven to 425F despite the hot weather, and roasted the spareribs for an hour. You can probably imagine how sweaty I was after the cooking.

I got the spareribs last week when they were on sale. Nowadays our dinners are pretty much determined by what is on sale that week. I am not complaining. In fact, I find it quite fun to plan for a week's meal based on that. Of course there's exception...Like our last trip to Trader Joe, we actually bought some smoke salmon, black forest prosciutto, Gruyere cheese and Provolone cheese! All of which are crucial for scrumptious picnics.

Coming back to the spareribs. Usually I like to roast the spareribs "Haiwaiian style", using BBQ sauce and canned pineapple. That is a tried and tested way. But yesterday I was in a spring cleaning mood. So I searched through OCT's box of condiments that he has accumulated before I came. He used to rely on all these ready made, all in one package spice/ sauce before the arrival of his wonderful wife (that's me!!) Since I seldom use any of those, some that he bought from Singapore have expired. I made a mental note to use up some of them as soon as possible. (Like the bak kut teh mix to use up the rest of the ribs) But for yesterday's dinner, I found a packet of Black Peppercorn Grill Mix, that only required 15 minutes of marinate time. And only need to add some vinegar, water and oil. How nice. Normally I will have to marinate the spareribs overnight.

It was not bad. In fact, it was quite delicious, except that it's a bit too dry and spicy. But this can easily be rectified by shortening the roasting time by a few minutes. Definitely something that we can make again when we have guests. I only hope that my memory will not fail me, the way it always do. Either it's the temperature, the cooking time or the ingedients. Most of the time, if it's my own recipe, I can't remember what I have added to the chicken or beef or veggie to make them nice. It's always something extra, which I reckon I will not forget, but forget, and later sulk that I didn't meticulously pen down the recipe. It happens all the time, and if you think I have learnt my lesson, I haven't! Sigh.... Maybe I will start now..Maybe next meal.

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