Sunday, June 11, 2006

Carrot cupcakes

Our church friends Gary and Jenny invited us over to pick raspberries today after Sunday service. I am thrilled, as this is my first raspberries picking experience. They also invited us over for lunch! So, I thought I should bring something. Maybe some dessert.

Initially, I wanted to make a Strawberries Tart, but we have run out of strawberries. After searching through some tried and tested recipes, I decided to make a batch of Ina Garten's Carrot Cupcakes.

I ended up grating carrots the whole night yesterday!I need a pound of the grated carrots for the recipe. Not to mention the time spent on sieving powder sugar using my sieve that's way too small for the job. When I finally finished baking and frosting the cake, it was past midnight...

The recipe yields 12 cupcakes and one 9" x 9" square cake. We brought the cupcakes to the lunch and wonder what we should do with the square cake..

Our friend Melvin took a nicer photo of the cupcake here:

The cakes are very moist and tender. But we know we could never finish them on our own. So we cut the cake down into several portions and pass them to our friends.

Afterall, friendship is about sharing, right? That should include the calories, which would otherwise be consumed by the baker herself....

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