Thursday, May 11, 2006

Roast chicken and chicken soup

I always shy away from preparing a whole chicken. It was too scary an undertaking for me. Yes, I said SCARY. The 5-6 pounds chicken is as big as a baby's corpse. I am not a pervert, but I am just imaginative and very timid, unfortunately.

Coincidentally whole chicken was on sale in my local grocery store last week. The price was irresistible for this frugal housewife. So I went ahead to buy one, thinking that after roasting the chicken, I can use all the bones to make a nourishing soup on the following night.

On Tuesday night, I took the chicken out from the fridge and got down to do what was needed to be done. I put on the plastic glove so that I didn't have to be in direct contact with the chicken. I took a deep breath and remove the cover. Next, I needed to remove the giblets inside the bird's cavity. Oh my God! I was so so scare! Because even with the glove on, I can still feel the body of the bird! I couldn't even dare to lift the bird, let alone inserting my hand into its cavity. I was so close to the verge of throwing in the white towel and called it a day.....Then I started to sing some hymns out loud to summon up the courage that I badly need and distract myself at the same time. It was not easy. I managed to clean, remove the giblets, massage the marinate and position the bird on the baking tray.

It was worth it! The bird came from beautifully from the oven and lasted us for 3 nights! Here's my first roast chicken:

After crafting out the meat, the bones and drippping was reserved for soup tonight. I haven't have chicken soup for a long time that I have almost forgotten how tasty one can be!

I think we will buy whole chickens again next time, but I will definitely wait till OCT is around to roast it.......


Anonymous said...

Don't the sell chicken that have been empty from inside? Singapore have this "pre-empty". I just need to chop the head and the feet (I already feel like a murderer so I can't imagine your position). I prepared the HK style Bai Qie Ji (sauce: fresh blended ginger, green oignon and lots of salt). I boiled the chicken with oignon, sea salt and whole ginger.

Mandy said...

hi Sarah, the head and feet were actually removed. I can't imagine cutting off the bird's head myself..Maybe I will try the HK style chicken next time :)

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