Saturday, May 20, 2006


Thank God the weather is lovely, so we can go picnic! It's such a simple wish, but we never really get around doing it. Back in Singapore, it seems too luxurious a thing to do on a precious precious Saturday....

But on a bright sunny Spring morning, we overcome our inertia to finally do picnic. Nevermind it's just going to a nearby park.....I packed some sandwiches, cookies, cake, chips and fruits for our first ever picnic. It's a 15 mins walk from our apartment, to a spot with shade and fountain.

Not many people are there, so we find ourselves a bench facing the fountain, and tuck-in!Such a serenity day, with no crowd and no place to rush. We eat quietly, listening to the fountain and birds chirping and twittering among the trees. We can't make out what kind of birds they are. But they sing the most harmonious song in the nature. Time becomes still, until the sun moves above us and shine directly on us. A sign that we should go.

How I wish we can go picnic more often...

A walk to the park....

First, we must walk into the unknown wood.

Then we see the steel bridge.

And see the train track beneath it

"Don't get distracted! or we will never reach the fountain" said OCT

"Hey, there's another bridge! Errr...are we there yet?" I am getting a bit hungry already.

"See, here's the fountain!"

"Err.. can we find a bench to sit down first?"
"See, I make you roast beef sandwich"

And lemon cookie in heart shape!
Don't take my picture when I am eating!
"OCT do you like picnic?hey, that's my coffee!"
"see, is this a heart shape?"

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