Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chinese New Year II

Last Friday's Chinese New Year dinner went on well. I managed to put together some dishes that I could cook confidently on a daily basis (such as brocolli, eggplants and tofu). I also tried the beef stew with bak kut teh packet again with extra prawn this time. OCT thought this should turned out to be like the big prawn noodle he had back in Singapore.

I personally like this beef stew with prawn dish very much. We had the leftover as dinner the next day. It was really fun to have our friends here last Friday, and made up for the Chinese New Year dinner BP hosted at her place, in which we unfortunately missed.

Speaking of last Saturday, it was really disastrous.We went shopping in the afternoon and missed the return shuttle by five minutes. Since it was still early (4:50p.m) we decided to walk around in the mall while waiting for the next shuttle that was supposed to come in 25 mins time. The shuttle was late because of rain, and we reached the Hilltop campus at around 6:30. We needed to take another shuttle to go home. We waited, and waited frustratedly in the rain for another 45 mins before the shuttle turned up. By the time we reached home, it was already after 8:30p.m! Both of us were exhausted and hungry, so we decided to have instant noodles and dumplings as our first Chinese New Year Eve dinner as a family...

Back in Malaysia, my mum used to cook A LOT during Chinese New Year to entertain. There are relatives on the first day of CNY, church friends on the second day and her women fellowship friends on the third day. It has been the culture. As my mum put it - Festivals are time to share your joy and love with others. I couldn't agree more. If there's one thing that my parents has imparted to me, it would be to share.

These are some photos taken during the dinner and our young friend Jon played lion, with his little brother Ben as sidekick- our entertainment after the dinner!

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