Thursday, May 31, 2007

We eat dinner too!

I just realised that I haven't been posting our daily dinners for some time now. Well, in case you wonder, we eat dinner too! More often than not, they revolve around rice as the main source of carbohydrate.

I don't post about them nowaday simply because they are all simple dishes, and I wonder if people will cover their mouth to conceal a chuckle if I even post the recipe up. Anyway, I guess I will just upload some photos to record what we have been eating, without the recipes.

To a large extend, what we have for dinners depend on what are on sale at the grocery store for that particular week. I think it makes sense to buy pork tenderloin when it's three dollar per pound while on sale rather than five dollar per pound at other time. Same goes to chicken, beef and other stuff.

We also find that going to Chinese grocery store helps to stretch our money further. Fresh prawn for example, is two dollar cheaper per pound than the usual store we go to. So are some of the staples required in a Chinese pantry. Of course they also have the Pocky and prawn crackers that I can't find any where else.

There's one down side though. This means I seldom have the opportunity to try the more fanciful recipe. Well, theoretically I could, because cooking at home is still much cheaper than eating out. But I have enough recipes to keep me occupied than worry about the more exquisite recipes involving expensive ingredients.

Insteads of thinking about fanciful recipes, I am more interested to find ways to transform the leftovers into another meal. After a night of eating baked curry drumsticks with roasted veggies, I used the leftover chicken and rice to make curry baked rice. That is a balanced meal for the next night.
We even have enough as OCT next day's lunch!

Actually, it's enough as his lunch for two consecutive days. Luckily he isn't a picky eater and certainly won't complain about eating the same thing over and over again . Who knows a three dollar pack of drumsticks and some rice can stretch our meals so far?

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