Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sable au Citron

Lemon is my second favorite food after chocolate. Tell me a good lemon recipe, I will surely replicate it in my kitchen the second I get off the chair. Such was the occasion when I came across this recipe from fellow lemon lover Mary's blog.

I initially saw a similar recipe also by the talented Dorie Greenspan, in her latest book, but have promptly forgotten about it after setting my mind on the Lemon Cream Tart. Now that I see it on Mary's blog again, I take it as a call from the meyer lemon goddess that this is where my precious meyer lemon zest should go.

Because the full recipe makes 50 cookies, I decided to make only a few pieces for myself, just to nibble with my cup of coffee in the afternoon, while keeping the rest of the dough in the freezer. For my future lemon crave attack.

These buttery cookies have lemon zest dispersed all over them are simply the best lemon cookies I have tasted. Eventhough this recipe isn't exactly light, one can easily been deceived by its delicate crumb. Feeling the melt in your mouth goodness, it is almost impossible to stop at one. Of course if you do not like lemon, that will be a different story. On the other hand, it may be a good way to introduce lemon to non-lemon eater. (anyone not liking lemon out there?) Though lemony, this cookie is not as tart as a lemon tart, which I know some people dislike.

I am glad that there's still a long dough of sable au citron tugged safely in my freezer.

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