Thursday, April 20, 2006

What a plesant surprise....

I got a parcel from ST again! She sent me my favorite Singer Emil Chow's latest CD : Rainman! Shortly after I heard of his new album from Singapore's radio station....And I am disappointed that I can't get hold of a copy of that because I am oversea.... How thoughtful is ST! She sent me my most wanted item!

Oh, what have I done to deserve such a good friend. A friend who knows me inside out, and have always be there for me.

I listen to the CD over and over again today, the soothing croon of Emil and the thought of ST mist my eyes. And OCT teased me when I broke into tears last night. :( Sometime I wish I am more emotionally stable.

Apparently, I am always on the left side while taking photos :P
(Left: In HK airport express. Right: In Bangkok airport)

Smile and be nice to this gal when you see her in Singapore :) BTW, she is still available....

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