Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day

Last Tuesday was Ben & Jerry free cone day. Coming from Asia where nothing is free, I was thrilled to learn of this exciting opportunity! We asked our friends Sean and Adeline over for dinner, and headed straight down for our free scoop of ice-cream after the meal.

The free cone event started from noon, and lasted till 8p.m. At around 3 p.m, I could saw line of queue from my apartment! I was pretty worry that we might miss the boat if we went down too late.....Luckily we managed to be there 20 mins before it ended. There was a queue, but it moved fairly quick. I was impressed with the efficiency of the BJ staff, who must have worked non-stop since 12.... From the time we went into the shop till we came out, it was merely 5 mins. I have anticipated a longer wait, like what we experienced when queing to buy Hello Kitty from Mc Donald in Singapore.

Because we went down in a rush, I forgot to take my camera!!!Arrgh....this would have been a more interesting entry with the pictures....Anyway, we were offered to choose from a few flavors on the menu. I was disappointed that Black & Tan was not one of them. I would have tried that if it was there. Since it was free, I decided to try something that I will not risk to buy a whole pint. So I went for the Lemonade Sorbet. And OCT ordered a Mango Sorbet. Our more experience friend Adeline ordered a Phish Food, which I initially heard as "fish food", and Sean got a Chocolate ice cream.

Well, the Lemonade sorbet was a bad choice. It tasted funny. But OCT's mango sorbet was not bad. I exchanged mine with his, and was being reprimanded for my choice. He said it tasted like ENO. hahaha.....But he finished it nevertheless. Well, it's always better to try something like this when it's free, rather than spending 4 bucks on a whole pint later (which is still cheaper than in Singapore....)

Apparently, the BJ store in Singapore was also given away free cones on the same day! I asked my friend June for the detail, so that I can tell the rest of the world about it. Unfortunately, it was only for those who have coupons....which Ben & Jerry distributed on an earlier date. What an anticlimax. But I can't blame them. They have to adapt to the "Nothing is free" culture in Asia....

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