Thursday, March 02, 2006

Everything Teriyaki...

I came across a Teriyaki sauce recipe on TV one afternoon. The host made it sounded like it was the BEST home-made Teriyaki sauce in the whole world, so I decided to put the recipe to test in my humble kitchen.

I can't remember the exact proportion of the ingredients, but the sauce contains soy sauce, sugar, mirin, grated ginger garlic and cornstarch. I guess the amount of each ingredients can be adjusted to individual preference.... Anyway, I followed the instruction to broil chicken thighs in the oven. Yup, chicken thighs. After so much complaint last week, I couldn't believe I bought a 4lb bag of chicken thighs myself while OCT was plugging away in lab. Well, that was what the cook show host recommended, so I decided to give chicken thighs another chance.

Broiling is a great way to cook, because no oil is required, and the meat gets done much faster than in the conventional baking method. I left some skin and fat on the chicken just to see how it would turned out. As a result, I got crispy skin on top and moist and flavourful meat below. I even followed the host's style to cut the chicken thighs into pieces before drizzling THE Teriyaki sauce on top.

OCT devoured them! He thought that was nicer than some other teriyaki chicken he had tried before. I thought it was ok. Maybe because I prefered the fried chicken version. Anyway, the sauce was nice :)

So nice that I decided to use the leftover on another dish- Salmon Teriyaki. hahaha. It was nice too, but OCT prefered the chicken teriyaki.

We had our meat prepared in Teriyaki style for 2 consecutive days. But I really don't mind :)

OCT has a long experiment the next day, so he requested for something easy to eat on the go. We have run out of bread and carrot muffins, so I baked him a fresh batch of chocolate cranberries scones.

He brought 5 huge scones to school this morning, while I had one for lunch just now. The scones were packed with cranberries, rolled oats and whole wheat flour, which was healthier than white flour. I added some chocolate chips for OCT in the dough. Yummy!

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