Thursday, March 23, 2006

cheapskate me....

I think the BN's Starbucks store in OCT's school will close down if they have more customers like me. Basically, what I like to do, is to get a cup of tall Cafe Mocha and sit there to read food magazines for hours. This is my favorite thing to do lately :) Sometime I even copy down the recipes from the magazines. Especially the expensive ones which I didn't subscribe. hehehe. You can call me cheapskate, but I find tremendous pleasure in doing this.

You see, I have already subscribed to 5 magazines, 3 being food-related, so I can't possibly subscibed to another 3 more magazines of this sort....Emm...ok, actually I can, but I need to justify for my purchase, and get clearance from my bank (OCT, that is). To me, that's a lot of trouble! Plus lately I found out that I can actually browse the tonnes of magazines displayed on the magazine stands inside the BN's Starbucks. (Initially I thought browsing was prohibited, since the food or drink might stain the magazines until I saw many customers had done so!)

In short, I read free magazines in Starbucks.....Nonetheless I still pay for the coffee. And I will buy their cheesecakes/scones.... once in a blue moon. When I am really really curious. I tried their Godiva Double Chocolate cheesecake from Cheesecake factory once. It was very nice! The cheesecake just melted in my tongue and glided through my throat. It was that nice.

Little treat like this keeps me happy for the whole day. What a easily satisfied girl I am!

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