Monday, January 09, 2006

Spinach & Feta Pasta

After realizing how unhealthy our daily meals are, I opted for a healthier pasta for dinner tonight. I kind of like spinach cooked in this way, rather than simply sautee with oil and garlic( or chinese stir-fry style). I also like spinach in quiche.

"Although it will not produce the magical effects that Popeye enjoyed, spinach is defintely packed with lots of goodness, like carotenoids, vitamin K, folate (folic acid), magnesium, manganese, and contain more protein than most vegetable. To get the full benefits of this leafy vegetable, eat it cooked, as cooking makes the antioxidant carotenoid responsible for much of spinach's nutritional potency easier for the body to absorb." This is what is quoted in one of the online resources. Ok, I think I shall eat more spinach from now on....

Though I intended it to be a healthy meal, OCT ended up eating somemore Pringles potato chips, homemake chocolate chips cookies and planter's peanut after the pasta... Maybe he isn't aware that he has slowly adapted to my not-so-healthy meals. Hence when the meal gets too "healthy", he feels something is amiss, and balances off with other "unhealthy" food. Not my fault, I have tried my best.....

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