Friday, January 06, 2006

Daily Indulgence...

My Irish coffee, that is. Strong, fresh brew espresso with nothing but Bailey Irish cream. Recently however, i refrain myself from adding as much Irish cream as I usually do, fearing the amount of calories for one, and that it may not be enough to sustain me till spring. Though the amount used in my daily coffee dose is negligible (in my opinion), OCT has reproached me on my daily consumption and habitually dependence on caffeine and alcohol...Hmm....ok, i exaggerated a bit. Indeed, he gave me a lecture on importance of not building tolerance or dependence on the objects in issue.

In short, that's why I cut down on the irish cream in my cup. While sipping my Irish coffee, i wonder what has shaped individual's preference when it comes to the degree of bitterness/sweetness in their coffees. Adolescents prefer calories loaded, frappuccino, topped with whipped cream. Twenty/ thirty something prefers barely half-filled cappuccino. Mature generation likes it the way it is. Black.Or kopi-O. Why? I ponder.

Is it because we prefer everything sugar-coated while we were young, that's why we went for frappuccino?We grasped the sophisticated yet brutal facts on human nature after stepping into the complicated working world, and started to appreciate cappuccinos? Finally after a few more decades, we need something stronger, more stimulating to keep us going, despite our circumstances and also to remind us that our life is not too bitter after all, compared to the black coffee?

Actually I like my coffee to be bitter than sweeter, so that when everything goes wrong, i can still remind myself that, afterall, my life is sweeter, not bitter than I think. Having said all these, I will still sprinkle a little bit of sugar in my coffee, so that I remember "every cloud has a silver lining". Hope and kindness still exist.

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